Année 2012-2013



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                                                              DEBUTANTS 2012-2013


DUCHESS                                                           WINTERS'S APPLES

WASTED                                                            ANYTHING GOES

JOANA                                                                SHORE THING

 COLORADO GIRL                                                DO YOU LOVE ME

 BADLY BLENT CHARLESTON                                BANDIDO'S LAST RIDE

 OLD HAG                                                           EASY MONEY

 GO SEVEN                                                         ICE BREAKER

 Magic Moon Partner                                  Let'sHave Fun

 Shackles                                                      Celtic Angel            

 Walk Down Town "Mini"                                   Sweet girl

 A Bombon                                                     Irish Folk

 Whatcha Reckon                                           Hurry Up Slow Down                                  

 An Absolute Dream                                        K Step Boogie   

 Home To Louisiana                                        That Old Time Rock'N Roll                              
First Class

                                                                            NOVICES   2012-2013

 Bodhran                               Talk Is Cheap           Enjoy The Life

 Disappearing Tails Lights       Bad Things            Colorado Girl(Partner)

 Trailerhood                            Bandjo Tunes          Hickory Lake

 Beyound Your Eyes                 Walking Away        Homerward Bound

 Amazin Grâce                     Dancing In The Dark   1-2-3-4

 Stars Tonight                     Hey Boy (Avec Tag)      Louis'Dance

 Reflection                         Baylimore Boy               Down On The Corner

                                                            INTERMEDIAIRES 2012-2013

 Louisiana Womann Mississippi  Skiffle Time                      Caribbean Pearl

 Dancing Violins                         Bayou Women                  1929

 Open Heart Cowboy                  King Of Apology                Unmistakable

 Get A Little Thirsty                     Somewhere Else               Get Your Feet Down

Red Camaro                               Rock Paper Scissor